WHEREABOUTS no. 7: Subtle Expressions by Philip Carter

WHEREABOUTS is a series of blog posts by VIATOR contributors around the world describing the spaces and places that have inspired their work.

I have a background in music. My parents were both pianists and I have been going to school for performance as a violinist. Through the time that I have spent performing and rehearsing musical works, I increasingly appreciate the extent to which beauty can be found and expressed simply through the rendering of an idea; in the way it is presented or channelled.


A phrase of music might be compositionally simple, but subtle expression can make a simple idea sound very beautiful and meaningful. I think this idea applies nicely in the area of photography and digital art. I love that I can take a picture of virtually anything (the wood on a park bench, a stone, flames at a campfire, my bathroom sink drain) and through random 'trial and error' processes, as well as other means of manipulation and distortion, end up with something which appears much more orderly and often takes a new form altogether.


Meaning can be found here in all sorts of ways, and any place or thing can be an inspiration. It is very exciting to be always surrounded by possibilities. I frequently find myself quite far 'down the rabbit hole' with my editing, with many images becoming unrecognizable following their alterations.

Philip's artwork was featured in VIATOR, Issue 2. 

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