VIATORmusic: Transitivity

"Transitivity" is a track composed by Julie Buchanan for the music video game "Temporality" created by James Earl Cox III. The game is available for download at

From the composer: "When I began working on Temporality I asked James what he hoped to convey with this project, and he answered timelessness, significance, sadness, and death. I think one of the beautiful and unique aspects of Temporality's form as a music video game is that regardless of a person's interest or skill in gaming, the narrative and audio visual emphasis of the game can span across borders of interests to reach a wider audience with its message. As the feelings Temporality inspires are universal, the game is a unique embodiment of the Viator Project's goal to reach a more diverse audience."


Julie Buchanan is a composer and sound designer based in Los Angeles, CA. She received a B.Mus degree from Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA) in film and video game scoring. Most recently she has been doing audio for indie video games. While she writes and works in a variety of genres and styles, she especially enjoys projects that allow her to create new instruments and sounds through the combination of organic and electronic elements. She also has a soft spot for anything sci-fi, horror, or fantasy.

James Earl Cox III is a graduate student in USC’s IMGD MFA program and a digital wizard. He holds BA degrees in Creative Writing, Mass Communication, and Interactive Media from Miami of Ohio. James has created over 70 games, exhibiting at venues including IndieCade, DIGRA, EGX, and the Smithsonian. His games can be found at Currently, he is making 100 games in 5 years. His twitter is @just404it and yes, he would love to watch The Room with you.